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Raleigh City Council Approves New Dvlpmt. Code

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In addition to serving as District Council Chair of ULI Triangle, my day job is to oversee long range planning for the City of Raleigh, and on February 18th the City Council took a significant step towards meeting the future by passing a major overhaul of the City’s development code. Raleigh’s current code is built around a framework adopted in the 1950s. Urban development of the type increasingly in demand has required the use of special overlay districts and complex approval procedures. The new code, known as a Unified Development … Read More

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Bus or Rail? Urban Land Magazine


Transportation referendums prospered in the November election, with 70 percent of those put to a vote winning. Voters approved 25 of 31 road spending measures and 13 of 19 initiatives for public transit funding, according to the American Road and Transportation Builders Association and the American Public Transportation Association. Two high-profile proposals, Measure J in Los Angeles and Measure B in Alameda County, California, gained broad support, but came one percentage point shy of the two-thirds majority required for passage in the state. Within the bigger picture of public support … Read More

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Fading Differentiation Between City and Suburb by Richard Florida


A “Great Reset” — the structural change following crisis — is underway. And there are some indicators of how metropolitan areas are evolving through a time of historic upheaval, ULI Senior Visiting Fellow Richard Florida writes in Urban Land magazine.

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Housing Opportunity 2013: Terwilliger Center for Housing Annual Conference


Join the ULI Terwilliger Center for Housing in Seattle, Washington, for our annual housing conference! The conference—scheduled for March 20−22, 2013—will bring together housing professionals from across the country to discuss current challenges and opportunities for supporting a full spectrum of housing choices in cities and suburbs increasingly challenged by the new economy. Meet a diverse group of practitioners, including private and nonprofit real estate developers, public officials, urban and regional planners, housing advocates, smart growth and sustainability experts, architects, investors and lenders, real estate agents, and many others. Housing Opportunity … Read More

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