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YLG hears from leaders in new construction technologies

Young Leaders hosted a panel in Chapel Hill with industry experts to discuss the latest innovations in construction technology, such as modular hotel construction, modeling and manufacturing of pre-fabricated building systems, and advancements in sustainable general contracting.

The panelists (Dave Perez — JE Dunn Construction, Dennis Mitchell — OTO Development, and Keith Stocker — Prescient Co.) noted that new construction technologies aren’t appropriate for every build. There are certain features of the site that determine appropriateness. Economies of scale really help, and they are currently a better fit for larger projects. For pre-fab steel it seems to be most efficient, cost-wise, for construction between stick and mid-rise/high-rise (5 stories and up).

Often these new technologies aren’t cheaper, but their prices are falling and they will soon be more economical for more projects. The primary current benefit of these technologies is increased predictability; using these technologies can help with consistency, lead to faster, better-informed decisions, and on-time delivery.

The program concluded with a tour of the new AC Hotel in downtown Chapel Hill—the hospitality industry’s first modular construction project in the area.

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