Steering Committee

ULI places great emphasis on developing upcoming leaders in real estate. As the future of ULI, Young Leaders are an important group to get engaged with and connected to senior leaders in the industry.

Under 35? Get involved today! Contact Richard Cox for more information on how you can become engaged with the Triangle's Young Leaders Group.

Steering Committee

The Young Leader Committee is responsible for facilitating the leadership development of this valuable segment of ULI members by actively engaging its members to serve on committees throughout the District Council.  Additional goals include to organize and manage a mentoring program (Partnership Forum), and to develop and host YLG-specific programs and receptions.

YLG Steering Committee

Laura Quinn, Chair
Imran Auhkil
Caitlin Shelby
Scott Underwood
Cory Howell, Sponsorship Committee Liaison
Robert Smith, Communications Committee Liaison
Jed Byrne, Roundtable Committee Liaison
Mike Wilen, Membership Committee Liaison