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Insight into Real Estate Development Partnerships with Triangle Area Universities

By Toby Coleman, Smith Anderson  What does it take for a private developer to build a project in concert with Duke University, North Carolina State, or University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill?  A strong balance sheet and a track record with similar development will help.  Also important: understanding the unique strictures universities operate under, and appreciating the deal structure some of the partnerships must take. At a ULI Roundtable event on Wednesday, March 4, representatives from Duke, N.C. State, and UNC joined with their recent private development partners to talk about … Read More

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Moore’s Law and Real Estate: Shrinking Demand for Physical Space Still Means Opportunity

By Archana Pyati According to strategic marketing guru Gunnar Branson, real estate is facing a shrinking demand for physical space as a result of Moore’s Law, a prediction made in the 1960’s by Intel co-founder Gordon E. Moore that the computer power of micro-chips would improve exponentially every two years and take up less physical space as time over time. As a result, so much of what we consider essential now fits on the smartphones or thumb drives in our pockets or on servers and databases accessed by cloud computing.  … Read More

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